Configure Confirmations

This article applies to the Wrkplace Attendance module.

Wrkplace Attendance can display a confirmation message to specified attendees upon successful sign in or sign out of specified Places (sites).

These confirmation messages are great to share important information to your attendees, especially staff members.

Unlike Notices, however, there is no response required from attendees.

You can choose to display a notice upon an attendee successfully signing in or upon signing out. Or choose to not display any at all.

Display gate entry codes, upcoming runners in the stable, staff meetings or a list of horses who are unwell, when employees sign in.

Perhaps display a link to your website to join your mailing list, when visitors sign out.

Here is how to configure confirmation messages.

  • Navigate to Attendance Manager > Confirmations
  • Click Add Confirmation in the top right hand corner of the screen
  • Select the Place(s) (sites) where you wish this confirmation message to display
  • Select the Attendee Type(s) to whom to display this confirmation message
  • Specify whether this messages should display upon attendee sign in or sign out
  • Enter the confirmation message content

Add, modify or delete confirmations and tailor them to each attendee type and/or each site, as required.

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