Wrkplace HR overview

Wrkplace Digital delivers digital solutions and services to modernise your workplace practices.

Our HR solution includes easy-to-use tools to manage People, Recruitment, Staff Attendance and Visitor Attendance.

Our CRM service implements a populate CRM, Sales and Email Marketing solution and provides ongoing management and support.

Our KYC solution allows you to better Know Your Customer via self-verification of customer identities, age and residential address.

As you have enquired on our HR solution, here is a 1 minute video overview. Scroll down this email for more information. I welcome the chance to discuss with you.

At its core, Wrkplace is a People Management solution that securely records all employee and contractor data – digitally.

Recruitment is an intuitive recruitment, applicant tracking and new employee onboarding system. Generate job adverts and receive applicants straight into the system for review and rating. Automate the creation of any document and send for electronic signature in seconds – perfect for letters of offer, employment contracts and any induction forms and policies.

Attendance is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, no hardware option for you to manage staff and visitor attendance, and digitise time sheets. Plenty of smart features to control who enters your workplace with custom health questions and OH&S induction notices, but our primary goal is to help you prepare payroll, faster.

Our HR solution includes People, Recruitment and Attendance Management features. However, pricing for individual modules is available.

We have partnered with the team at Prism to offer our Wrkplace HR solution inside their leading technology platform. So if you already use or are considering implementing Prism, then Wrkplace is the perfect addition!

But you don’t need to be a Prism subscriber. We can set you up with a login without any hassle. In 2023 our solution will be available as a standalone solution.

Book an online demo. We can demo Wrkplace HR in as little as 20 minutes.

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