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Enable emails to be sent to employees and job applicants

There is an important action that is needed to ensure reliability of outbound emails to your employees and job applicants, from your email address(es).

Records need to be added to your domain so Wrkplace (and email service Postmark) can reliably send emails from any email address on your domain.

We will email you instructions upon signing up to Wrkplace. We can also help you or your IT team with this process.

Specifically, these instructions will show you how to add DKIM and Return Path records to your domain name settings (DNS). A bit technical, but with our help, it’s not a big job.

If you are already a Prism subscriber, these records are likely to be already added to your DNS. In this case we will not email you instructions. Our onboarding team will check everything upon your Wrkplace account being enabled.

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