Replace spreadsheets, whiteboards, emails and post-it notes with online, low-cost solutions.

  • Discuss your business pains

    Tell us your business pains and how current systems fail to overcome them.

  • Define business requirements

    Collaborate with us to define exactly what you require a custom solution to do.

  • Propose a smart solution

    We will submit our proposal for a cost-effective, custom built web application.

  • Build your custom solution

    Using smart no-code / low-code tools for databases, web applications and automations, we will develop a solution for your team.

We have developed several custom web applications for clients in the racing and breeding industry using no-code / low-code development and integrations platforms. These platforms help us deliver solutions quickly and affordably.


  • Responsive

    Data displays smoothly on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile. Perform any action on any device from any where.

  • Customisable

    Your business processes are important to you and may afford you a competitive advantage. So we customise the solution to meet your business needs.

  • Integrated

    Integrations with various other solutions can be configured to suit your processes.

  • A bit like Lego

    Designing a page is like playing with Lego! Page layouts and content displays can be tailored to suit you.

  • Great support

    Apart from free and regular updates, we are always ready to help you.

Flexible. Easy. Powerful.

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