Keap CRM

Getting started with Keap CRM

Personalise your profile, including your email signature and login credentials, by opening the menu in the top right corner of your app and clicking on your account details.

Enable Keap outbound emails

There is an important action that is needed to ensure reliability of outbound emails to your contacts, via Keap, from...

Contact records

Like any good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Keap provides many options to store your contacts' information.

Sync contacts between Prism & Keap

If you are a subscriber to leading equine platform Prism, then we have fully integrated your Keap App with your Prism portal.

Keap Custom Fields & Tags

Keap allows us to configure up to 100 Custom Fields on contact records, plus (almost) unlimited Tags. Custom Fields and Tags are two...

Keap Email Builder

In 2021, Keap launched a new Email Builder. There were a few limitations in this early release, but I’m pleased...

Send emails to a targeted audience

Our Keap Email Builder help guide demonstrates how to craft an engaging email using the email builder. Now it’s time...

10 tips to avoid spam filters in your email marketing

By following a few key principles when building your email broadcasts, you can improve your email deliverability, build trust with your subscribers and achieve better results from your email marketing campaigns.

Proactively manage email status issues

Please watch this video to learn how to manage email status issues

How to combat email deliverability issues

Please watch this video to learn how to manage email status issues

6 reasons to build an email preference centre

It's essential to respect the preferences of your mailing list subscribers and deliver relevant content. One way to achieve this is by creating an email preference centre.

7 tips to build a successful Landing Page in Keap

The cornerstone of any marketing campaign is to encourage your audience to perform an action, such as enquire about a...

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