Contact records

Like any good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Keap provides many options to store your contacts’ information.

Our training should provide you all the necessary skills, but here are links to some helpful articles on Keap’s help site.

Add or edit a contact record

Adding and editing contact records are a breeze. Learn how.

Filter contacts and manage contact groups

You can filter your contacts based on specific criteria or create a Contact Group with that specific criteria, which will allow you to quickly take action. Learn more.

Contact record and activity feed

The contact record provides key information about your contacts and includes action buttons so you can easily send emails, send messages, apply tags and much more. Learn more.

Manage contacts on Keap Mobile

When mobile, you can use the Keap Mobile App for iOS or Androis. Just search for Keap in the Apple Store or Google Play Store and manage your contacts in a similar way to how you manage them on the web. Learn about Keap Mobile.

However, we recommend accessing Keap via your browser (Google Chrome recommended). On your mobile, bookmark the same login page you use to login via the web. On mobile, the user interface is consistent with Keap on your desktop browser. Access Keap via your mobile browser.

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