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In 2021, Keap launched a new Email Builder. There were a few limitations in this early release, but I’m pleased to say that all limitations have been lifted and I recommend using this new builder (and stop using the legacy email builders).

The new email builder is available by default when setting up a new broadcast email. Click on Comms in the menu on the left hand save, and then click Email Broadcasts.

It is also available when adding an email to a sequence in Advanced Automation sequences.

What’s new in the new email builder?

When first released, you could not apply tags to a contact record upon the contact clicking a link (a button or other URL inserted into your email). This feature has now been added.

Applying a tag to a button or a link in your emails allows you to:

  • track contact behaviour (record anyone who clicks that link and perhaps follow up with them personally); and/or
  • trigger another action, such as another email, or a task to be performed (e.g. call the contact)

Any remaining limitations?

When you use the new email builder in an Advanced Automation Sequence, you cannot insert Campaign Merge Fields or Campaign Links.

We like to use these campaign merge fields and links in campaigns, as it allows you to update information once in an automation campaign, then insert those merge fields or links in many different emails and web forms in the campaign.

For example, when copying a Horse For Sale Automation, you can update merge fields for ‘Horse’ and ‘Price’, in one places. You won’t have to update the Horse and Price in multiple places. So it saves a lot of time.

If you want to keep using Advanced Automation Merge Fields and Links, continue using the legacy email builder for a while longer until this feature is available in the new email builder.

The new Email Builder offers much more functionality to refine the layout of your emails.

If you have experience with a website builder like WordPress or Wix, or another email marketing platform such as Mailchimp, you will pick this one up pretty quickly.

Choose from a Keap Email Template and then start modifying it, or start from scratch.

As always, we are here to help. Just get in contact with us.

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