Wrkplace Attendance

Configure Retention Days

Configure Wrkplace Attendance to automatically delete attendance history after a specified number of days for employees, contractors, visitors and deliveries.

Configure Health Screening

Ask one or more health screening questions of each attendee upon signing in to your workplace, and authorise entry only upon a valid answer.

Configure Notices

Present safety or other notices of any kind on the attendee's device during the course of the attendee sign-in process, and seek acceptance of that notice to authorise their entry,

Configure Confirmations

Display a confirmation message to specified attendees upon successful sign in or sign out of specified Places.

Direct all attendees to your government’s contact tracing app

Direct all attendees to your country/state government’s check-in app via a button displayed on attendee devices upon successful sign in.

Print Sign In Poster

To allow employees, contractors, visitors and delivery drivers to effortlessly sign-in and out of your workplace, print an A4 Sign-In Poster complete with QR code.

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