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Sync contacts between Prism & Keap

If you are a subscriber to leading equine platform Prism, then we have fully integrated your Keap App with your Prism portal.

Owners in Prism are constantly added to Keap as contacts. Likewise, selected contacts can be added into Prism as Owners. Thereafter, all contact records are kept in sync between both systems.

Sync all new Owners from Prism to Keap

You do need to regularly Sync Owners from Prism to Keap. We recommend performing this sync weekly, or as often as you need to.

Click on the Prism logo in your Prism portal, then navigate to the CRM dashboard. Click the Sync with Keap button.

Each of those owners added to Keap also receive a tag applied to their contact record to show which horses they own. You cannot see what share percentage a contact owns in each horse in Keap, but you can easily see which horses they own.

The integration also applies the Subscribed tag to those contacts in Keap, should you wish to request contacts to confirm their email address or send them any welcome emails from Keap.

Sync selected Contacts from Keap to Prism

Contacts in Keap can also be easily added into Prism as owners.

In your Keap account we have added a custom field called Sync With Prism. It is a YES/NO field.

By simply changing this field to YES, that contact will be added as an owner in your Prism portal within minutes.

You can update the Sync With Prism field to YES manually on a contact, or update many contacts in bulk, or update in an automation sequence after a contact places an order for a share in a horse (preferred). Speak to our implementation consultants about setting up that process.

What data is synchronised between Prism and Keap

Once owners in Prism are added to Keap as contacts, and Keap contacts are added to Prism as owners, the following data is always kept in sync between Prism and Keap. As soon as any data changes in one system, the owner/contact data will update in the other system within minutes.

Prism Owner ProfileSync directionKeap Contact Record
Primary Email Address< >Email 1 (defaults to Email Work)
Additional Email Addresses *< >Emails 2 and 3 *
First Name, Middle Name, Last Name< >First Name, Middle Name, Last Name
Phone Number< >Phone1
Address< >Billing Address
Account Manager< >Owner (Keap User assigned as owner to contact)
Spouse< >Spouse
Date of Birth< >Date of Birth
Ranking (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)< >Ranking (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Nett Ownership Score>Nett Ownership Score (one-way sync to Keap)
Owner User ID< >Owner User ID
Horses Owned>Horse tags applied
6 additional custom fields of your choosing< >6 additional custom fields of your choosing

* Note that Keap Emails are not sent to additional email addresses. We recommend additional email addresses be added into Prism as separate Owners, which are therefore synchronised with Keap contacts.

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