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Keap Custom Fields & Tags

Keap allows us to configure up to 100 Custom Fields on contact records, plus (almost) unlimited Tags.

Custom Fields and Tags are two ways to segment your contact list. They can be used in filters and contact groups to select contacts, send email broadcasts and other actions.

They are therefore a focus for us in our initial Keap CRM design and configuration sessions.

Custom Fields┬ácan be a variety of fields types – text, text area, numerical, dropdown, yes/no, and many more. Click here to view all the custom field types.

They are typically set once but can be maintained manually as needed.

More importantly, they can be inserted into web forms and landing pages (ie. survey forms) built within Keap to collect important data from your contacts automatically.

For Prism subscribers, up to six custom fields can also be synchronised with Prism and therefore available on Prism Owner Profiles – in addition to the standard contact fields (name, address, phone, email, spouse, nett ownership score, owner user ID).

Tags┬ácan be whatever you require them to be, and are typically more ‘dynamic’ – you can add and delete often and use them for specific promotional campaigns or activities.

Tags can ‘trigger’ something to happen, such as sending an email to your contact, sending an email to a colleague, assigning an internal task, updating a custom field, and much more.

We will configure some typical custom fields and tags in your new Keap App, ready for your review.

Custom fields and tags are flexible, so don’t worry about getting them absolutely right the first time. We can just start with the basics and add/modify as needed.

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