Job vacancies added to Wrkplace HR can now automatically display on your website and a new jobs board we are building for the thoroughbred industry.

Simply select the “Post Job to Wrkplace” option when adding a job vacancy.

We will be notified of your new job vacancy and will ensure that job vacancy appears on your website.

If you wish to use this feature, there is some web code we will provide you. You can copy and paste this code to a chosen page on your website (e.g. yourdomain/jobs), or you can forward the code we provide to your IT representative.

It will take just a few minutes and is only required once.

We can modify the content and colour scheme of the job vacancy to suit your website branding. This too, is only required once.

A link to the job application page will allow candidates to apply for your vacant position direct from your website. This gives you more control on how you attract job applicants by sharing your jobs page on social media or other channels.

You can then review and rate applicants from within the Wrkplace HR solution, and communicate with them via email and SMS.

Want to learn more about our HR solution? Or contact us to schedule a no obligation chat or demo.