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Wrkplace Digital delivers digital solutions and services to modernise workplace practices in the horse racing and breeding industry.

We formed Wrkplace Digital in 2020 with a passion to build innovative solutions that mutually benefit employees and employers. Our experiences in other industries proved to us that there was not just a good opportunity to contribute to the racing and breeding industry, but there was a compelling need.

Three solutions are available.

We first developed our Attendance solution, a cost-effective, easy-to-use, no hardware option for stables, farms and clubs to manage workplace attendance and digitise time sheets. It contains plenty of smart features to control who enters a workplace with custom health questions and OH&S induction notices, but our primary goal is to aid the preparation of payroll, faster.

In late 2020 we launched our intuitive Recruitment solution to help stables, farms and clubs advertise recruit and onboard new staff and provide a great first day for new hires. The solution allows automated creation of job adverts, review and rating of applicants and efficient onboarding new employees. Secure management of digital employee data is a key feature, but the solution allows employers to automate the creation of any document template and send for electronic signature in seconds. Perfect for letters of offer, employment contracts and any induction forms and policies.

Our CRM & Marketing Automation service has been used by many clients in the industry for more than six years – having historically been delivered by Kinematic Thoroughbred Services (now a part of Wrkplace Digital). Some of Australia’s biggest racehorse training operations use this platform to automatically respond to sales enquiries, manage sales leads, customise contact data and onboard owners seamlessly. But the automation feature of the solution we implement can be used for many other activities too.

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