HR Technology helps employers eliminate repetitive HR admin work. That means more time to engage with employees and candidates, and more energy to create a better workplace.

Stop doing these things today:

❌ sifting through your email inbox hoping to find job applicants;
❌ searching for your excel sheet of previous candidates;
❌ switching between systems to review, rate and communicate with candidates;
❌ sending employment offers and onboarding documents manually;
❌ storing documents or employee personal data on your hard drive, or worse, in a filing cabinet;
❌ summing total hours worked by shift, day and week with a calculator.

Wrkplace HR is the perfect entry point into HR Technology for thoroughbred industry small businesses.

Easy to setup, learn and use.

Wrkplace is even available as an optional module in leading industry solution Prism. Manage your people, recruitment and workplace attendance all from within the horse and owner management system you use daily.

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