Sick of scanning two QR codes to check in to your stable or farm?

Unless your business is exempt, you need to display your state government’s check-in QR code posters and record every attendee to your workplace.

But you also need to record employee attendance. So that means having to check in twice:

  1. the state government QR code; and
  2. your Wrkplace Attendance QR code or a hand-written attendance register.

We have now launched Single Sign In to Wrkplace Attendance.

Every attendee can now check in via the Wrkplace Attendance QR code and then in one click, check in to your state government’s contact tracing app at the final step.

Here’s how it looks for attendees at one of our client’s locations, Ballarat Turf Club. Upon successful sign in, a simple “complete your check in” button allows attendees to check in to the relevant government contact tracing app.

To set this up, email us a PDF copy of your government check in QR code poster for each of your locations. We will prepare and test for you, then document clear instructions you can provide to all attendees once this feature is available. It’s super easy.