Don’t just welcome attendees to the farm and hope they support your stallions. Provide them a professional first impression and put information in the palm of their hand (their mobile device) when they arrive.

Make use of our Attendance Management solution for events such as Stallion Parades.

mitigate OH&S risk via customised Notices;
market to attendees with targeted on screen messaging upon arrival, and during and/or after the event via email and SMS;
add attendees to your marketing mailing list (provided you include a check box for attendees to check upon entry).

Stable Farm Visitor Management System

Wrkplace makes it easy for your attendees to sign in to your event, answer questions and accept notices, using their mobile phone.

Managing attendees, communicating with them when on-site and marketing to them post your event, is just as easy.

Our partners can also assist to add greater value to your event.

Safe Industries Australia can help prepare all OH&S messages and protocols to protect you

Breedr can provide direct links to Stallion Booking pages for faster, easier, smarter nomination bookings

Of course, all of this is available right inside leading equine solution, Prism. If Prism is your technology of choice, Wrkplace is the ideal add on.

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