We are pleased to formally announce that the CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation service of Kinematic Thoroughbred Services, is now a service of Wrkplace Digital.

One of our joint founders, Andrew Jarvis, has implemented and been managing a terrific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Marketing Automation solution for 17 clients over the past few years. So it makes sense that we now formally recognise a new objective of Wrkplace Digital and bring that trusted service into our portfolio.

For more than a year now, the objective of Wrkplace Digital has been been to modernise how employers recruit staff and control attendance at their stable, farm or race club. Now we can also help trainers, syndicators and stables build better customer relations with a smart CRM and automation.

We welcome a chat with any training operation, syndicator or stud farm who wish to:

✅ Market smarter, not harder

✅ Sell faster

✅ Manage the sales pipeline from enquiry through to purchase (or decline)

✅ Manage prospects more consistently

✅ Onboard clients more smoothly, including integration with industry-leading solution Prism

✅ Save time by automating repeatable emails and tasks, and reinvest that time into customer relationships

Our managed software service can help trainers, syndicators and farms overcome many common challenges:

✅  Lack of contacts to direct market to

✅  Poor organisation of contacts

✅  Disengagement of contacts

✅  Sales leads ”disappearing” due to poor follow up

✅ Time-consuming sales processes

✅ Complicated owner on-boarding process

✅ Difficulty in tracking orders and sales

✅ Limited commitments in advance of yearling sales

When implemented by our experienced consultants, the CRM solution we implement for you delivers a better experience for your customers whilst saving you valuable time.

No implementation fees – just a monthly subscription.

Check out our CRM & Marketing Automation service and don’t hesitate to request a free consultation.