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Keap Landing Page Builder

In 2021, Keap launched a new Landing Page builder. There were a few limitations in this early release, but I’m pleased to say that all limitations have been lifted and I recommend using this new builder (and stop using the landing page builder).

The new landing page builder is available by default when setting up a new landing page.

It is also available when adding a landing page to a sequence in Advanced Automation.

What were the main limitations of the new landing page builder?

Until recently, contact information would not automatically populate in forms included on the new Landing Page builder, unlike the old landing pages. This has been improved now, so when you share the landing page URL to your contacts via a Keap Email Broadcast or Email Automation, contact details such as First Name, Last name, Email address etc now populate. This improves the experience for your contacts when completing landing page forms.

We can now confidently recommend the new Landing Page builder.

It offers much more functionality to refine the layout of your landing pages.

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